When Love Created

There are many categories of love, Love to our parents, brothers and sisters, relatives friends and the most important category is that when you meet the right person at the right time, when the clock suddenly stops, when you unintentionally smile to that person, when your heart beats faster, that is the love that you will going to feel to that person deeper each day, because that person will be sit besides you and accompany you ’till you grow old. That is the Everlasting Love you will going to feel.

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Loving Someone

Sooner we grow old, we experience being happy and sad, love and to be loved. Eventually the person we loved most is the person who will going to hurt us. There are instance that we give our love 100% but did you ask your self “did she or he loved me back in a hundred percent?”

Love will come and go, remember there is only One person who destined to us.

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